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Self-educated, Mr. Charles Kaeser worked for the biggest before decided to found RDI-Charles Kaeser society. Faithful to himself, he leaves free court to his creative imagination and proposes his tailor-made concepts for his collection of winders and for his own clients, starting from the base to the finished product.” An idea is born wherever you are, sitting behind your wheel or on the seat of an airplane”. This is how you will ever see him scribbling on a block, sketching his ideas as caught on the fly with a rendering already close to reality.

Established in Switzerland in 2006, our family firm produces automata, accessories for the most prestigious names in watchmaking, and of course mechanical watch winders. We take great pride in the reliability of our winders. Crafted to the exacting standards required by the Swiss-made label, they are among the most silent on the market. Attention to detail, superlative finishes and a passion for innovation distinguish each of our creations. Luxury objects or genuine works of art proposed as limited editions, our winders will enhance your most precious timepieces. Our secret lies in the endless creativity and daring that we employ to transform the very latest technology into an extraordinarily refined object.


Roman Mayer
39, avenue du Casino
CH - 1820 Montreux

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